At Junior Achievement Jamaica, we highly regard the help of our volunteers. Our volunteers range from the lay person, to CEOs from the leaders within their respective industries.
  1.      Webinar Presenter- Present on our webinars to better inform students of opportunities that exist within the four industries that they are encouraged to develop their companies around - Agriculture, Automotive, Creative Arts and Technology. Average Time Engaged : 1 hour - 2 hours.
2.      Seminar Presenter- lead engaging and interactive seminars in schools or at our annual conference, that inform as well as inspire students. Average Time Engaged : hour - 2 hours.
3.      Mentor- help guide participants to develop and operate successful businesses. Average Time Engaged : 2 hours - 15 hours.
4.      Report Reviewer- Score participants’ business plans and annual company reports detailing the company’s operations, finances, target market, production process, etc. Average Time Engaged : 5 hours.
5.      Chaperone- aid in monitoring and mentoring students at our annual conference. Average Time Engaged : 5 days.
6.      Judge- assess and score presentations and competition entries. Average Time Engaged : 2 hours - 3 hours.
7.      Facilitator- leads sessions on behalf of Junior Achievement Jamaica, with students across the island. Average Time Engaged : 1 hour - 8 hours.