JA BizTown Registration

Registration form for Schools to Participate in JA BizTown

The Principal or designated teacher from interested schools are invited to apply to be a part of the JA BizTown programme. Before completing the form below, please note the following terms of participation:

  • Permission to be granted for the teachers of grade five of your school to attend a training session in the JA BizTown curriculum
  • Have the full JA BizTown curriculum taught in your school to all students of grade five by the teachers trained in the JA BizTown curriculum
  • Ensure that students have completed their requirements to attend the JA BizTown facility
  • Coordinate with parents and teachers for students to attend the JA BizTown facility, including signed release forms from parent/guardian, organizing return transportation for students, and ensuring that each child has the $500 contribution to cover lunch and snacks while at JA BizTown
  • Ensure all students who are in the JA BizTown programme attend the JA BizTown facility for one day.
I Principal of above mention school have read, understood and agreed to comply with the requests of the above statement. I hereby pledge my full support of the JA BizTown programme and its implementation at the aforementioned school.