JA BizTown - Overview

JA BizTown is designed to develop the business IQ of students at the grade five level while improving their performance on standardized tests. This immersion experience at this age, will play a critical role in improving the economic prospects of our nation.
It features a comprehensive learning curriculum that focuses on the student’s role in the economy. After the completion of several weeks of specialized in-class learning, students will apply for jobs at various companies at JA BizTown. It consists of a mini-city consisting of several real-life private sector businesses, that will allow students to work in various roles in a simulated economy.

Features of JA BizTown

4 Weeks of In-Class learning

  • Programme endorsed by Ministry of Education.
  • Teachers trained by Junior Achievement to deliver programmes.
  • Pre and post test to evaluate learning of students
  • Students apply for jobs at JA BizTown

Some programme concepts taught include:

  • The value of money and doing a good job
  • Market research
  • Competition
  • Debt and Bankruptcy
  • Citizenship and community
  • Investment

JA BizTown visit: Business Simulation 

  • Up to 100 students visit per day
  • Open Mondays-Fridays
  • Students will work in a mock economy based on the jobs they have been assigned. Some tasks include:
    • Taking on the roles of entrepreneurs, business executives, managers, specialist sin various businesses that leased stores
    • Conduct financial transactions
    • Experience the interaction of production and consumption